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BOATanical Expeditions

Quinnehtukqut River

Sefra is the Lead BOATanist of The BOATanical Expedition coordinates CT NOFA's pollinator health + native seed initiative- The Ecotype Project, which works with farms to amplify the amount of truly local native pollinator seed that is available in Connecticut. This effort aims to supply nurseries, homeowners and farmers with the plants they need to help regeneratively restore our native ecologies, support our local pollinators and ensure local food security throughout ecoregion 59

In 2021 we  paddled from the top of Connecticut to the Long Island Sound- spreading the seeds of ecological resilience in traditional outrigger canoes.

On our 2nd expedition we paddled along the Quinnehtukqut (CT) River with truly local pollinator plants from the Ecotype Project- the native seed initiative of CT NOFA. Our expedition put these seeds back in the soil -the living seed bank- of this riparian corridor. Now that the plants are there, nature will use its myriad dispersal mechanisms to regenerate the ancient banks of the mighty river! 


These gorgeous plants provide habitat & food for our pollinators all along the river and ensure local food security for us as we ecologically restore our landscapes.


Seed Huntress - BOATanical Expedition.png
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