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- Sefra Alexandra - 
The Seed Huntress 

The Seed Huntress-is an endurance race ethnobotanist on a hunt to preserve the biodiversity of our wild and cultivated lands through seed conservation. Sefra leads -The Ecotype Project - to amplify the amount of truly local native seed available for ecological restoration, creating the first ecoregional seed supply chain in the Northeast, USA. In 2020 she began where she guides expeditions that are paddlin’ for the pollinators, planting native plants by boat along riparian corridors. Sefra holds her M.A.T. in agroecological education from Cornell University, is a fellow of the Global Crop Diversity Trust, a WINGS WorldQuest expedition flag carrier, member of the Explorers Club and runs a wilderness skills school-The Readiness Collective- with her twin brother.

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We are the

People of the Pinch


we find ourselves in a PINCH of time in our ethnobotanical history where the genetic biodiversity of our planet is in rapid decline, the seeds that hold the knowledge of our land, the memory of our ancestors are being ignored and forgotten: 93% of vegetable varieties have gone extinct.

We the People of the Pinch must remember the art of seed saving for our sovereignty & to join in the tradition of time immemorial to share the same tastes with the generations that have come before us for the generations yet to germinate ...

"what are you doing today that has an impact 1,000 years from now" - Bill McDorman



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